Ultimate deLux has a simple philosophy – Promote our favorite sport (Ultimate Frisbee), continually strive to improve our play and most importantly have FUN. Whether you are a beginner or a grizzled veteran, everyone is welcome. Training is vigorous and is a great way to stay fit, but don’t despair because our number one priority is to support The Ultimate Spirit! If you like fresh air, huge green fields, and you don’t mind an occasional drop of rain Ultimate is the sport for you!

Officially Ultimate deLux was chartered as The Luxembourg Flying Disc Federation (LFDF) in 2006. The non-profit LFDF seeks to promote flying disc sports in Luxembourg, and in addition our A.S.B.L represents the interests of disc athletes both locally and internationally. Since its inception, Ultimate Delux and its team members have participated in tournaments throughout Europe including the 2010 World Club Championships. As the team and the sport continue to develop we invite all those interested to come join us for our weekly training sessions as well as the numerous competitions in which we participate throughout the year.


Current officers for Ultimate deLux: